Plant Couture - Artificial Plants - Hanging Seedvine 80cm

Artificial Plants - Hanging Seedvine 80cm

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This adorable artificial string of pearl hanging spray in green is a unique succulent. Use this lovely greenery to accent your arrangements or bouquets and to add fullness to your designs!

Each string with 9 branches. The whole length of each plant is 80cm.

A wonderful addition to a container arrangement. Brings the beauty & the natural look of hanging succulent plants without the mess or maintenance.

Looks quite wonderfully realistic. Remains a beautiful colour throughout the year that helps to add to the realism! Suitable for home, wedding flower arrangements, party, garden, swing frame decoration, etc... Perfect for a terrarium.

At the base of the Succulent Garland is a plastic stem, allowing for easy installation, just press it into your hanging pot (filled with either soil, foam block, etc) and you're set to go.


Product Specifications 

Name: Hanging Seedvine 80cm


Length: 80cm

Width: 15cm

Number of leaves: 9

Packing Size: 24/box 72x26x11cm

Weight: 0.09kg

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor