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Accessories - Liner 29cm Complete

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This liner consists of Liner, soil deck, pipe, gauge pipe & pipe cap.

The prescribed amount of water for this liner is 1,5l which is poured down the Fill Pipe and collected in the Water Reservoir. The Soil Deck, which separates the water tank from the Soil, has an indent where pumice stones are placed.

These stones absorb the water, holding only what they can, ensuring a perfectly regulated water supply to the roots.

As the roots draw water slowly from the pumice stones, the pumice will, in turn, draw more water from the reservoir, thus ensuring the roots never sit in an over-watered environment, resulting in root rot, disease and early death of the plant.

In addition, by the simple use of a gauge, you can ascertain when you need to fill up again. Usually, this will be every 2 to 3 weeks.


Product Specifications 



Length: 29cm

Width: 29cm

Height: 25.5cm